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In April of 2000, three friends with  shared interest in the claims of the paranormal, joined together to start what would be a long journey to learn, and experience, as much as possible of the Paranormal.

"Mountain State Paranormal Investigations" was then created.

Along the way, many good people have joined with us. 

We are dedicated to keeping critical thinking, open minds and healthy skepticism on the forefront of each claim we take on. 

We are not here to tell you that your house or facility is or is not haunted, rather we seek to find the reason(s) of experiences and let the information and data fall where it may.

We do not seek to Debunk or Validate, only to search for what is. If we find something we can not explain, then we will search for an expert in the actual field of study in relation to our question for help.  

We investigate claims of Paranormal activity, we do not seek or hunt ghosts, demons or spirits, as none of those have been proven to exist. We are open to the possibility of their existence, however await valid supporting evidence to hold up those claims. We are skeptics, not cynics.  If you are seeking a team to validate a 'Ghost' in your home or facility, we are probably not who you are looking for.  If, however, you are are interested in a logical approach to weird things happening, you're on the right site.

What is a Skeptic? We're glad you asked:
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