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"Electronic voice phenomenon [E.V.P.] is the alleged communication by spirits through tape recorders and other electronic devices.

While it is impossible to prove that all EVPs are due to natural phenomena, skeptics maintain that they are probably due to such things as interference from a nearby CB operator, cross modulation, or ionospheric ducting. Given all the voices being transmitted these days by cell phones, AM and FM radios, TVs, baby monitors, walkie talkies, shortwave transmitters, etc., it isn't strange that unexpected voices should be heard now and then on our electronic equipment..."


Below are a small collection of recordings from 17 years of investigating claims.  These few are ones we found interesting and compelling out of thousands of hours of recordings. 

There are no claims with these that we share, only these are the hand full we find interesting. We will not post what, if anything, we hear in the audios.

Feel free to comment, critique, review and share your thoughts.

This recording is from a private residence in S. West Virginia. It was recorded while setting up equipment.  The interesting part of this recording is what sounds like a child's voice singing the name of one of the people who were present.

This recording comes from a private residence in West Virginia. While in the basement of this home, one of the team asks another to hold a light. This was picked up by the audio.  

This recording comes from a private residence in S. West Virginia. The audio is from a recorder left next to a first floor bathroom.

This audio comes from a 'pay to play' facility in Kentucky. We visited this place as a fun retreat for our team and some friends.

There's nothing to guess about this one, other than to report this came from a bare empty room. 

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