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Tests with Sound

Check in here soon to listen to some alleged EVP and how to critically think about them.


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  • wvtsvic
    Jul 12, 2017

    This is another short video I made to see what, if anything, people hear in presented evidence of EVP/ITC communication with the dead. I removed the subtitles, context and question(s) so all that is left if just the alleged voice of the dead. Respond with what you hear in this clip. Thanks!
  • wvtsvic
    Jun 20, 2017

    So.. just trying out an idea about looking at the difference 'subtitles' make in priming the listener to hear what the claimant is saying they hear in an alleged EVP/ITC communication. After a while, I'll post the video clip from where I obtained this so that everyone can see it as it was presented. Submit what you hear, if anything, in a response below. I'll play around with the format until I get something efficient and fun to watch.
  • wvtsvic
    Jun 11, 2017

    Thanks for checking out our forum page. We are working on this as we go, and as we get better with this new forum app., I'm sure it will be working better as we learn. Until then, here are some general rules for the forum as we go: 1. Debate, Argue, Discuss and Swap Ideas. Do these in a civil manner however. We will not tolerate anything derogatory, no personal attacks, and no threats. Discussions can get heated, and that's fine. Keep it within the limits of the topic. 2. Political debate is great. This is not the forum to get carried away with it. 3. Nothing pornographic or anything close here. We run the board, we'll decide if it's acceptable. We will have under 18 visiting this site. 4. We want good discussion, good debates, good arguments and want people sharing ideas and thoughts about the paranormal on this Forum. Keep it civil. We will delete any post we wouldn't think is inappropriate here. 5. Updates to the rules will follow.