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Optical Illusions

"I know what I saw" -  This is an often used phrase when asking people to recount what they had witnessed.   Too often the difficulty in discounting or validating a person's telling of what they saw based on the statement alone is too high, so there is not much to do about it. 

We can, however, learn about the processes of our sensory input and how our brains make sense of the information it's given.  We can, at the least, understand that sometimes we are the easiest to be tricked and apply that to the critical thinking process of investigating claims of the paranormal. 

Think of these videos as a place to begin learning about how we interpret data through visual stimuli.  If you find one of these sparks your interest, then seek out more information.

*These are not our videos, they are videos produced and published by others that we are sharing here.  If you like these videos we encourage you to check out their channel and subscribe to them. 

Keep checking in, we'll be adding more videos.
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