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I am your humble host of the video blog "i am Kenny Biddle", which deals with the issues I have with the paranormal community. I'm a Photographer, doing family portraits, weddings, and various freelance projects. I occasionally lecture on Paranormal False-Positive Photography at various colleges, skeptical societies and conferences. I question everything, and call out Bullshit when I see it.

The Paranormal Research Group (PRG) formerlly known as the, "Southern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Group"  was founded in Janesville, Wisconsin in 1999 by paranormal researcher, Jennifer Lauer.  The organizations focus was to conduct scientific investigations of ghost and haunt phenomena. In 2011, the group removed the "Southern Wisconsin" from it's name; moved it's headquarters to Red Lion, Pennsylvania and progressed from an investigation group to a strictly scientific research and informational based organization.

Not only does this database provide us with a detailed, organized collection of our findings... but it is also the springboard to our future work together as a community. We want to know what you found, how it happened, and under what circumstances. This database will give us the clues we need to further our research in this field, to begin our journey as a respected and recognized scientific community of investigators, and to decide what path to take in the future. We need your help, your passion, and your dedication... We know it calls to you just like it does to us.

Military Veterans Paranormal is a paranormal investigation and research organization comprised solely of active duty and veteran military service members. We are local paranormal investigators for the Clarksville, Fort Campbell, Oak Grove and Hopkinsville area.

Mission: To be a respected network of ethical, evidence-based, rational investigators by reaching scientifically sound conclusions regarding extraordinary claims. We do this by first establishing the validity of the claim through examination and fact-checking, consulting with professionals, and documenting the cases for the purposes of education and public understanding.

Spooky Geology is a science-based look at mysterious earth phenomena, geologic anomalies, and the endless weird ideas about rocks and the earth that are a bit abnormal, paranormal, or supernatural.

A sharp-eyed view of questionable claims. Evidence-based critique of news of the paranormal, pseudoscience, health claims, and anomalies. Official Podcast of Doubtful News

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